January 20, 2009

TKO That Bitch (Ha!)

It feels like Monday but it's Tuesday. I kind of hate and love that at the same time.

So, the weekend was just okay. Mark and I went to Outback for Sunday lunch where he ordered a steak and potato and PeyPey ordered a sweet potato (no butter) and steamed veggies. Hello! Look who's being disciplined! Mark and I are having a hard time getting in synch with this whole diet thing. It's hard to hold each other accountable without hurting each others feelings. It's like the things you hate most about yourself (for me it's my weight and all this extra padding) are being realized and called out by the person you're trying to look and be the best for! But we made an honest commitment to each other to just get over the hurt feelings and be brutal when it comes to the diet issue. So we're working on it.

There were, of course, a few times over the weekend where I COMPLETELY dropped the ball. (Like our Friday night dinner at Provino's in Auburn. i.e. Lots and lots of pasta, wine, and bread.) There was also a margarita involved somewhere in there; I can't quite remember when. (That's a lie. I remember EXACTLY when and where the margarita went down, and EXACTLY how many chips I consumed at that fine Columbus establishment. I just don't feel like being that honest with my readers.)

So there definitely could have been better choices made a few times. One day at a time, right?
Today. Just today, I can make better choices. No need to worry about what my choices will be tomorrow or a month from now. Just today. That's do-able, right?

I had the usual breakfast. Raisin Bran, skim, coffee. Lunch was filling. Made some chicken salad yesterday out of some grilled chicken breasts I had left over. It was made with Miracle Whip (Equals a better choice. I'm trying to distinguish between bad and good choices.)

American Idol is coming up again tonight at Jeannie & Tyler's. That means I'm going into the ring again with Mr. Rotel. I TKO'd that bitch last time and I plan to do it again tonight. I'll let you know how it turns out.

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