January 16, 2009

PeyPey's Babysitter's Club

This is a very random post.

A lawyer and good buddy of mine called me today asking me to babysit pretty much all day tomorrow (on a Saturday). I told him 'Archie, I'm really sorry for saying no, but now that I've sold my soul to Mr. Jeff Brown 5 days a week, it's hard to let go of those 2 precious CCS-free days.' I told him to have no fear, though, because I have an army of ready and willing babysitters.

Here's the ad I gave him:

Catherine Merrit: This lovely brunette is a nursing student at CSU. She has 9 brothers and sisters and enjoys hiking and being outdoors.

Joanna Osterman: This blonde bombshell has 5 brothers! That gal's one tough cookie!

Carey Bray: Sweet, shy Carey moonlights in the Wynnton Preschool from time to time. She is an avid Methodist and has done study abroad in France! Parlez vous Francais!

Kayla Findley: No introductions need to be made here! Kayla enjoys the hectic life of a CCS file clerk and runner. She is practicing her servant leadership skills at CSU and plans to spend her summer in Mexico! Ole!

Meghan Doll: A doll she is! The daughter of a well known automobile mogul in Columbus, she spends her time diligently making strides for the Republican party. She has several siblings, of which she is the oldest.

Molly Baker: Sister of the lovely and amazing Peyton Baker, this 14 year old is mature beyond her years! She frequently babysits for the well known Amos', is a member of Wynnton UMC, and eventually wants to either dance her way to stardom or become president of the United States! She's a go getter, that one!

Theresa Garcia: The oldest of 8 children and daughter of well-known dentist, she has proved her amazing leadership skills. She is a photograph journalism student at CSU and was Annie in the Springer's Father of the Bride.

(I hope you read that like the announcer on the Kennon and Parker Home Show. That was the effect I was going for.)

Anyway, I don't know why I felt compelled to post this. Probably because in the midst of a very hectic day at work, at 11 in the morning, my creative juices are flowing and I'm pretty proud of that. I am so thankful that God decided to instill in me creativity. It's so much fun. So much better than just saying a girls name and giving him her phone number. Maybe it brightened his day a little too. I hope so.

So what if I really did start a babysitters club? I know all of you read at least one of those books. Might be fun. Ha. We could have a treehouse too. Haha. Oh. Ok, back to work.

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