April 29, 2009

The Beginning..

"She is the kind of girl, although exceedingly unsuspecting, you might find wearing "Aphrodites Pink Nightie", "Flashbulb Fuschia", or perhaps "Happy Hour" nail color on her dreadfully unkempt nails."

...of the novel I know I was born to write.

April 23, 2009

Don’t Squat With Your Spurs On

I am now the very proud owner of a pair of cowboy boots. This is my first ever pair of cowboy boots. I remember, growing up, a friend having a hot pink, suede pair with fringe that I coveted for so long. Although I might get a few crazy stares in public, I'm pretty sure I could still rock some pink fringe today. I have, however, [insert a huge sigh of relief from the general public] graduated from those - now kitsch, I'm sure - pink suede's to a more refined, rustic, discreetly embellished look.

They are brown. Not the muddy kind of brown you might find on a pair of K-Mart brand, 'I'm-just-buying-these-to-get-the-job-done' kicks. No, these boots are the rich kind of brown. The kind of brown that could never be described with the adjective 'dirty'. You know what I mean? Brown is just a dirty sort of color in most cases. But in contrast to the 'dirty' brown that conjures mental images of mud, dirt, and waste, this brown, the brown of my boots, is perfect. It is that rich, chocolate brown that conjures images of the perfect chocolate bar, perfect shiny brown eyes. Oh, I have the perfect illustration: imagine walking into a very old house, a house that may be dingy, dusty and cracking, but whose hardwood floors are still perfectly intact, perfectly rustic and aged, perfectly stained, perfectly brown. That is the brown of my cowboy boots. Brown leather. With stitching. In a pattern that says 'I may look sweet, but I'll kick your ass if I have to.' That act may be aided by the pointy toe.

They are molded to my foot, my shape. If anyone else tried to wear them, I'm convinced they wouldn't feel right, and might just be downright uncomfortable. But when I pull them on, they are as comfy as bedroom slippers. The leather envelopes my foot and gives a little slack exactly where I need it. When I put them on I really do feel badass. I walk differently. My strut exudes confidence when I'm wearing my brown leather boots. I like hearing the 'hey cowgirl' and 'yee-haws' when I walk past a stranger.

There is not one article of clothing that hangs in my closet or another pair of shoes for this girl that contends with these boots. They are now one of my most prized possessions; and I am proud of them.

So says the girl in the rich brown, aromatic leather, subtle yet fiercely designed boots.