January 13, 2009

The LUNCH BREAK Chronicles: Death by Pecan Pie

(I changed the name. Lunch Break Chronicles sounds better.)

Well, you read the title.

Ooey-gooey, buttery, crunchy, flaky DEATH.

It all started after the uber-modern piano and percussion concert last night...

(Live music begins to play in the backgroud. Enter three friends chatting about where to get a nightcap after the show, walking down Broadway.)

How about a Martini or glass of wine at Houlihan's?
Oooo, sounds good.

(Off they go, down the street, past the fountain, across the tracks, through the revolving door, and into the swanky marble-lined entrance.)

Three please.
Is a booth okay?

(Down plops the heavy metal menus.)

Can we have a drink menu?
Sure. And here's the dessert menu also.

(Brakes screeeech. All bets are off. She eyes the Martini glass full of cake donut holes with tiny Martini glasses on the side, filled with Godiva white chocolate and Kahlua dark chocolate dipping sauces.)

Oh my goodness, she thought to herself, this night is going to end badly.

I'll have the Chocolate Cappachino Cake with a coffee.
I'll have the same thing.
I'll have the Pecan Pie with a coffee please.

(Suddenly, she retracts. Did I really just order that, she thinks to herself. I could have JUST gotten the coffee. I'm not even that hungry! WHY WHY WHY can't you just say no?!?!)

Oh, thank you. This looks delicious.

(Devouring every bite, she knows she should stop. But she continues. This is certainly no glass of red wine with its 130 calories and 4 measly carbs. No, this is pecan pie in all its glory. Glorious 500 calories, 20 grams of fat, 79 carbs, 33 grams of sugar. Should I go on?)

(Checks paid, goodbyes said, she heads home, happy and full.)

(Cut to morning shower time.)

Lord, please forgive me for my total lack of self-discipline and my glutony. Today will be different. I will strive to please you and I will strive to be healthier.
January 13, 2009

A man's errors are his portals of discovery.

Pecan Pie Error Discovery:
Even though I messed up yesterday, there's always today and tomorrow to fix my mistake.
Self-discipline is no joke.
I CAN say no.
Surround myself with those who I know will help me in this fight.
Not only do I want to be skinny; I want to FEEL better. Not necessarily feel better about myself, just FEEL better.

So today's been pretty good.

Bowl of Fiber One Raisin Bran and skim, coffee with fat free creamer for breakfast.
Fat free cottage cheese for snack at 10:30 am
Smart Ones Lasagna for lunch at 12:30 pm
2 glasses of water so far.
I plan to have a snack of fat free yogurt and granola around 3:00 pm
Going to have a small chicken breast, brown rice and black beans for dinner around 6:30
Walking at the park for awhile also.

I am going to an American Idol (Yay! so excited!) party tonight. There will be Rotel cheese dip, chips, and chocolate chip cookies. Yikes. Give me a call if you read this today and make sure I'm not giving in. Do it.

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Tricia Carver said...

Love the blog Peyton! Love your honesty, wit, and the writing in general. It makes me laugh, it makes me think. Rock on with your bad self.