January 15, 2009

Hey you! Yeah, you! Mr. Rotel! Yeah! I'm talking to you! Drop your weapons!

Battle Rotel: Lieutenant Sultenfuss, this is Colonel PeyPey. Stop. I am proud to report our victory in RotelLand. Stop. The new defense plan proved successful and the men are ready and willing to move on to the next battle station. Stop. Please send orders. Stop.

So I am proud to report that I did not so much as dip a pinky finger in the Rotel dip on Tuesday night. It was staring me down, eyes as big as saucers, from that bowl on the table. But PeyPey stayed strong! I can't begin to express how proud of myself I was. It was like overcoming this huge battle. I proved to myself that saying 'No' is possible. I was also so thankful to have my disciplined friend, Kaci, there to talk me through each wave of desire. That's what it takes, people! It takes help, motivation, and strength. Those three things were my ammunition for Battle Rotel.

The Rotel dip should receive a purple heart. He put up a good fight; he came out swinging, but to no avail! Peypey's defenses were just too strong.

So a pretty successful first week, I'd say. I do need some encouragement, though, to exercise more diligently. Bring it.

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