September 21, 2010

Blog Suggestions

If you recall, I asked that you all send me some suggestions for writing topics on this here blog. Great responses, people! But I still want MORE! So bring it. Here's what we've got so far (with my notes in italics):

- Your childhood (Hmm, a bit vague, but nevertheless, an endless smorgasbord of embarrassment, chubbiness, and greasy hair.)

-Your siblings...brothers? sisters? sisters-in-law? (This blog is all about me, remember? Who cares about them? No, I'm kidding. What might be fun is this: have them write a guest post about their thoughts on ME or funny stories they remember that involve ME!)

- Your first kiss? Who was he? What was he wearing? Where was it? Anything weird about him? (Ohh, you have no idea...weirdness, yes. Ok, there's definitely a story in there somewhere.)

- Give a top ten list of funniest/craziest moments from camp (if you went) growing up (Again, another endless smorgasbord of hilarity.)

- Responding to quotes. Funny quotes, commercials, slogans, bible verses, whatever. Doesn't have to be serious, funny, or even world-bending. I think we get better as people when we respond to others' thoughts. (This is way deep for me. Perhaps if the quotes were Cookie Monster quotes or maybe from The Office tv show...but Aristotle? Yeah, count me out.)

- Once a month book or CD recommendation? Like an online book club? It would help you read too, which is always a good thing. (I'm so totally doing this.)

- Jobs that you would never see yourself in. Look for postings and tell us why they aren't you. Or recommend people that you know for them. Could be cute. (Love this idea.)

- More photos! (You got it!)

- A monthly interview with someone you know about something interesting in their life?

- Saturday with $7. Take $7 one Saturday a month and see how creatively you can spend it. What people could you meet with that $7? What photos could you take along the way? (Donuts. Do you know how many donut holes you can get for $7?)

- Wine in a box. Yay or nay? (Yay. But I guess I could go in more detail.)

- From a girl that enjoys baking I would like to hear your opinion on cake v. cupcakes. (Done.)

- What are some tips to raise my children to be as happy as you and Brad always seem to be? (This almost makes me cry bittersweet happy tears.)

- Onomatopoeia. I want to hear you wax poetic on sound words. Pun intended (Done. But I'd have to have several glasses of wine before I write this post.)

- Steeplechase hats. Significance, form and function. And how to construct a winning design. (Hmm. This may need to be a guest post by someone who's reason for going to Steeplechase was NOT just to see how many free boos she could get.)

- How it is possible that the last few minutes of any work day seem to last at least as long as the whole day. Each. Minute. (I may turn this into some suggestions of how to spend those last few minutes.)

- Oreos: twist & lick, or dunk & crunch?? (Are they donut flavored oreos? Because I would eat them any way, any where, and any time. Are ya'll tired of hearing about donuts yet?)

Ok, so keep the suggestions coming!

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