July 1, 2010

PeyPey, how DOESN'T your garden grow?

So you remember my garden, right?

There was so much promise there. So much new life. So much hope. So much green.

But see, there's this thing called water that plants need to grow, you've heard of it, right? Well, I guess I decided my special plant babies didn't need it. And so, the promise turned into a curse, the new life turned into death, the hope turned into despair, and the green turned into brown. Please don't judge me. I really am a good person, I promise. 

I decided that I couldn't live my life one minute longer without any green, so on my way home from work today, I stopped by the neighborhood hardware store to stock up. I'm all about helping out the little man, so I opted to go to a local dig instead of a big chain. Whereas the first time I started with little seed babies that grew into little plant babies, this time, I started with plant teenagers. As in, some of my plants actually ALREADY HAD VEGETABLES ON THEM! Yeah, I know. Get excited. 

So here's some pics:
Check out my cute gloves:
First in the line up are dahlias and some kind of pretty perennial. Flowers make me happy.

Next up is mint, cilantro, and sweet basil.
Next is a cubanelle pepper, "Chilly chili, an ornamental pepper, and rosemary.
I'm kind of obsessed with the Chilly Chili.
Okay, last one, I promise.
After that is cherry tomatoes, cayenne peppers, and hot bananas peppers.

These would be plant teenagers, right?

Oh and just while we're at it, I'll give you a little tour of my outdoor space. Look! Here's our Christmas tree! We thought one of boyfriends had taken care of it and taken it to one of those recycling places back in DECEMBER, but when it started getting warmer outside, we started noticing a very distinct pine scent. We finally found the culprit. One of boyfriends had wedged it between our holly tree and camelia bush. Isn't it lovely?

And here's my hippie roommate's tangled wind chimes.

Oh! And lordy, what is this? Theee-yus riiiiite heeerah iz mah lay zee boyh. Eeeeyun mah carhporrt.

I like to have my coffee in the mornings, sitting in my lazboy, gazing at my container garden. It's the life I always wanted.

And look! It's got a phone inside the armrest! You wish you had one, I know you do.

Now people, you don't believe me, do you? Well, I do, in fact, have a recliner in my carport, but will I be redeemed in your eyes if I tell you I'm giving it to my chapter of the Junior League as part of my rummage for the Attic Sale? Because that's what I'm doing.

Although, I'm considering having a cup of coffee in my lazboy tomorrow morning, gazing at my garden. It's the life I always wanted.

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