July 1, 2010

Thank God for Camera Phones

Oh my gosh! I almost forgot to tell you (show you rather)! I had the amazing, one of the best, random moments of my life, holy crap I can't believe I got to witness this opportunities in the Target parking lot yesterday. I know you'll relish in the WOW factor of this with me. Because we're friends. And you'll think this is funny because I think it's funny. Sorry, there comes that little need to be validated again. Okay, please tell me you're ready to eat your heart at the deliciously random picture below. Because if you're not, you just need to click the big "X" in the top right hand corner of this page. You won't be the same after this, I promise. Your life will be forever changed. Okay, okay. I'll shut up now. Please scroll down slowly, though, to get the full affect. You should be able to decipher what this is, and if not, go browse around Wal-Mart's lingerie section for a sec. Thank you and enjoy:

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