May 12, 2010

PeyPey, how does your garden grow?

Let's begin with the remnants of last years container garden, shall we?

Yes, yes, I was apparently growing twigs, grass, pinecones, pinestraw and weeds. And these sad little fellas just had no hope whatsoever.

I did manage to save the tulip bulbs from last year, yet, I have no idea what to do with them...

I have hope for this year though. I went with the mini pallet/greenhouse thingy to help me just start my seeds. I've never started with seeds before so we'll see how it goes. You pour water on the little pods until they're all expanded:

For herbs, I planted dill, basil, lavender, cilantro, and rosemary. For veggies I planted cherry tomatos, jalepeno, and spinach. For flowers I planted zinnia, achillea, and english daisies. I even made cute little markers for them:

Got the seeds planted, now it's a waiting game.

Well that didn't take long! About a week before the first little sprout sprouted. Now they're ready to be planted.

So I got to planting...

I used several different kinds of potting soil. (That's the reason for the different colored dirt.)

Say a little prayer for my garden and my green thumb, will ya?


Colleen said...

Did you take a picture of my planters? Stalker.

PeyPey said...

Meaning last years pics? I know, it's bad. I'm not so good at the maintaining part of it all.