June 14, 2010

A quick post

As most of you have figured out, everything's usually all about me 'round these parts. If you're new to this game, simply go here or here or here or here. Okay, you get the idea. I like me. And what better way to celebrate me than talk about the day of birth?! My birthday is coming up. Okay fine, it's still 45 days away, but I wanted to go ahead and compile a little list of things that I want, in order for you to have ample time to save and shop.

1. A diamond ring. That goes on a certain finger. And to be asked a certain question. A simple, four word question. Five syllables. To which my reply would be "YES". Moving on...
2. A Kindle.
3. A Keurig.
4. The Pioneer Woman Cookbook. (By the way, have you read her blog? I'm pretty much in love with it.)
5. A cast iron skillet. My friend Julie has an extra one that she's never used that she's giving me! Yay!
6. Glass canisters for my flour and sugar.
7. iTunes giftcard.

That's really all I can think of. So why don't you readers get together, throw in a little cash money, and buy me a birthday gift (from choices #2-#5, because getting #1 from anyone besides Mark would just be awkward).

Oh, and on a side note, I started writing a book today. So there's that.

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Mike and Miriam Adams said...

Oh, the Pioneer Woman's cookbook is a definite! I LOVE IT! Fun photos and great food. I'm so glad I found her blog a few years ago. It changes the way you look at cooking...so much more fun now!

Happy early birthday. :)