January 15, 2010

This is something only a Shoney's Breakfast Buffet can cure

If you weren't able to deduce it from the title: I have a hangover today. While last night it seemed like a great idea to try to drink all of the wine that Napa Valley could potentially produce, today I swear there's a little elf dangling from the ceiling over my cubicle, throwing little pebbles at my head with hurricane wind-like force. What? Did I just use the words Napa Valley, elf, dangling (is this word cracking anyone else up? No? Just me?) and pebbles all in the same sentence? Yeah, I did. And my right eye won't quit twitching. Seriously, it was like I was playing a drinking game. With myself.

I digress.

So I threw the title of this post up on Facebook as my status this morning and the following discourse ensued. I thought it was pretty funny (i.e. - I thought what I said was hilarious. Hey, I make no apologies for being a complete narcissist) so I decided that it should be chronicled. Hey! PEYPEY chronicled! Get it?

I've changed the names of the commenters to protect their innocence (but really because I wanted to make up funny names).

Peyton Baker: This is something only a Shoney's Breakfast Buffet can cure.
Jimbo Rotogravure: And some time with Jimbo!
Peyton Baker: Ok but you have to dress up like Shoney Bear and offer me unending french toast sticks.
Jimbo Rotogravure: Ugh. You make it difficult to spend hang out. (I've never heard these verbs used this way before but I understand his general point.)
Mucas Shuffle: oh goodness.....bacon platter.....with cheese sauce
Peyton Baker: Jimbo, Mucas just added a new element. You. Shoney Bear Costume. Unending french toast sticks. A pitcher of cheese sauce flowing freely. And a constant bacon feed. This is your mission should you choose to accept it.
La'Tawny Lays: Can I get in on this? :)
Peyton Baker: Only if you bring flapjacks.
Juicy Nicole: I don't know if I can be a part of something where there's cheese sauce in a pitcher...but I want to be. Maybe I should pray and ask God to make me like cheese sauce in a pitcher. (This last sentence is a reference to my mother who has told me that I should pray and ask God to make me taller and that I should pray and ask God to make me like dark chocolate. I decided God has more important things to do.) 
Keith: I'm scared and excited all at the same time!
Peyton Baker: Where two or more are gathered in the name of Shoney Bear, there I will be. And Juicy Nicole, can you imagine anything better than warm, creamy cheese sauce flowing freely from pitcher to mouth? I think not.

See? Aren't I funny?

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