March 9, 2010

Today's Top Ten - On Working

I've compiled a list - as I am prone to do - of all the things you can do at work besides actually doing work. And yes, I frequently do these things; I'm not just making them up.

1. Facebook. It has the potential to consume entire days of your life.
2. Add movies to your Netflix queue. Also a potentially never ending activity.
3. Read blogs. Seriously. There are millions of them out there. I've mentioned it before, but my favorites are,,,,, and the ever popular and never disappointing, (or if you're a cat lover, I just took a break from writing this post to spend 30 minutes looking at hilariously captioned pictures of dogs.
4. Tweet. Or just shamelessly stalk celebrities on Twitter; that's what I do. Here's my twitter page, follow me! Among those celebs I shamelessly stalk? Conan O'Brien, Hanson (shut it), Ashton Kutcher (because even your own mother probably follows him), John Mayer (because he says some crazy shit), and Kevin Nealon (also says some hilarious crazy shit).
5. Think about all the things you could be doing right now at home and around town and make a corresponding list. That you'll never complete. But just do it anyway to pass the time.
6. Crosswords. They make you smarter.
7. Draw. Sketch. Doodle. And then color these drawings, sketches, and doodles with your highlighters.
8. If you're the literary type, start a blog!
9. Desk exercise. Ummm...I'm just kidding. Who actually does this?
10. Find a buddy to email back and forth all day. It gives you something to look forward. I know I get excited when that little chime goes off signaling I have a new email. And I'm always super excited when that email is from my buddy, Rachel! (Shout out! Hey-OH!)

I would like it to be known, though, that I don't do these things in lieu of doing my actual work. I AM a hard worker, geeesh!

Also, a helpful hint - learn ALT > TAB. It'll save your life. 


Bethany K said...

I made a top ten! Woot!

Anonymous said...

Or read the 'non-novel' of a friend who knows absolutely nothing about the genre of said 'non-novel' and who is desperately relying on your expertise in the chic-lit world. :)