March 8, 2010

Less Sips, More Strokes

Last month the BFF and I attended an event called "Sips and Strokes" at our local museum that was sponsored by the museum's Contemporaries group. The Contemporaries are a branch of the museum's members who are young, community-minded professionals who enjoy the finer things in life. I am one of those peoples. I mean, I do enjoy my fair share of boxed wine; but I also enjoy Claude Monet, Vivaldi, and Oprah. (What? The Big O's classy! Her boyfriend's name is Stedman. The name Stedman = classy.)

The evening began with with wine and some seriously appetizing appetizers provided by the Village Kitchen. There was chit chat, mingling, admiring the other girls' outfits (and trying not to compare their swanky looks to my own plain, black turtleneck, jeans, and flats. Please, please someone nominate me for What Not To Wear. Please?!)

Then it was to the art room to paint our masterpieces. We each got an apron and all the supplies we needed. We painted still life, kinda boring, but made fun by the amount of wine provided. The BFF has an art degree from Auburn, so naturally, I spent most of my time trying to copy what she was doing, and then whining when mine didn't turn out as cute as hers. There was a young, local artist there, currently pursuing an art degree at Auburn, who showed us some techniques and who managed to effortlessly produce a painting of the same still life I was trying to replicate, only in half the time it took me. And hers looked good. And her outfit was super cute.

The event was thirty bucks, which included the food, drink, supplies, and work of art that now sits, with nary a glance in its direction, atop my desk in the corner of the room. Ahhh. Oh well. It was still good times. If you're interested in learning more about the Contemporaries or upcoming events, go here.

And here's your visual:

Oh! And I forgot to tell you - they gave away free koozies! (By the way, this was my determining factor on whether or not that was a $30 well spent. Confirmed. Free koozie.)


Brandon Jones said...

So, I feel like a stalker since I only see you about twice a year but I love reading your blogs. Funny stuff.

PeyPey said...

Awe thanks B! I feel the same way with your Facebook status' and Katherine's blogging. We should change that.

Anonymous said...

I thought I could resist...I even tried closing the laptop...but no, I must comment on the "Sips and Strokes" *ahem* Sips. And. Strokes. *smirk* I mean....sips and STROKES!?!


By the way, your painting is really good!

PeyPey said...

You are just awful. Awful, I tell ya!! LOL!