January 15, 2010

Whip me up a batch!

Do yourself a favor and hop on over to http://www.sweetbsweetery.blogspot.com/. You may need to wear a bib.

Sweet B is Bethany Lamb, an old friend of mine and I think we all need to convince her to go ahead and open up a bakery!

If you want to place an order, shoot Sweet B an email at bethanyklamb@gmail.com.

And no, I will not share my cookies with you.


Bethany K said...

Thanks, Peyton!!!

PeyPey said...

You are quite welcome, pretty lady! Us blog sistas gotta help each other out, right?!?

Bethany K said...

Oh, yeah. And it helps because I'm knew to the bloggin world. I never knew it was so huge! Where have I been?!

PeyPey said...

B - do you do cupcakes too?

Bethany K said...

Why, yes, PeyPey, I do.