January 22, 2010

Burt Reynolds has a mustache, wants you to tell it to his heart, and likes nachos...

Conversation between me and Billy Bob yesterday:

Me: "Billy Bob, you growing a mustache?"

Billy Bob: "Yeah, I had one my whole adult life up until about two years ago. It was part of my sex appeal for years. You know, the ladies love a good mustache."

I had to abruptly end this conversation by walking away and trying not to spew coffee out of my nose. My thoughts on this discourse: Sure Billy Bob, that's what the ladies like, if the "ladies" are Sally Field and you're Burt Reynolds, driving a Trans Am from Texarkana to Georgia, leading an 18-wheeler driven by a dingy guy named Cletus and his dog Fred, hauling a boot-legged load of Coors. But Billy Bob, Burt Reynolds you are not. I wonder if Billy Bobpictures himself as a svelte Burt Reynolds, circa 1977? Bet so.

Next up: What's playing on Whistling Billy Bob's, All Whistle, All the Time Radio Show today:

Tell it to my heart,
Tell me I'm the only one,
Is this really love or just a game?
Tell it to my heart,
I can feel my body rock,
Every time you call my name.

I don't think there's any need for me to elaborate on this, is there?

And for the big finale:

Much like many other large companies do, here at my job, there's an Employee Bulletin Board where people can post for sale items, looking for ads, lost and found, company news, etc. So I'm scrolling through this morning, just taking a gander at all the crap people are selling (seriously, people put used tubes of lipstick up for sale here. I'M. NOT. KIDDING.) when I wander on to this (copied straight from the bulletin board. Please note the lack - or excess - of punctuation):

>Looking for items
>Best Restaurant for Nachos
-Looking to go out tonight but need a restaurant that has excellent Nachos.. Taking your suggestions..thanks !!!

>Oh my...if your not specifically in the mood for Mexican...
-you have to try Johnny Carino's chicken nachos! I think they   are out of this world!!! They make their own! They have different meats you can put on top.

-Thanks so much for the suggestion. I just said I wanted to try out this restaurant.. so I think we will go !!!

I know, I know. Maybe I'm being a bit bitchy posting this up here. But really? Nachos? I don't think I've ever selected my dinner options with nachos in mind unless I knew I was going to a Superbowl party. I just thought this was funny and thought maybe you would too.


Now I kind of want nachos.

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kat-tastic! said...

you should let larry know that facial hair as a whole, moustaches especially, are generally not attractive. i mean, unless you LIKE being tickled in ur hoohoodilly... but whatever.