February 26, 2009

I get by with a little help from my friends

For all of you out there in PeyPeyland who read this blog, not only for the witty and entertaining banter, but for the diet news as well...

Here are some great tips from the Skinny Bitch herself, Kaci Lesley...

i almost always freeze my ww yogurt for an hour or so before i eat it. its fabulous. it takes longer to eat bc its kinda frozen...so good. try it!

alternative western bagels (in the bakery section) are good & only 100 calories. blueberry is my favorite.

another GREAT dessert/snack is a sugar-free 60 calorie vanilla pudding snack & 1/2 cup of pumpkin. it sounds weird but its like eating pumpkin pie! (without the crust) just buy canned pumpkin and let it chill in the fridge. then stir in a vanilla pudding, a little splenda and some cinnamon....MMM...so good. and only 100 calories and LOTS of fiber. (you'll be farting!)

jolly time mini bags of popcorn are fabulous. i LOVE the kettle-corn. only 100 calories.

ok - on days when i know i'm going to eat a big meal or dessert (like date night, night out w friends... whatever) i'll eat a light lunch. but still - i refuse to skip a meal. but you can eat a salad from subway with TONS of veggies for like 50 calories or something crazy. you can add turkey or a roasted chicken breast for very few calories also. they have good italian dressing too for next to nothing.also - panera & abc have good salads. panera - the classic salad is good, i always add chicken...again low calories. same for abc...the house salad w chicken and ff raspberry ving. is amazing and low calorie. perfect choices for a big meal day!

i eat sweet potatoes all the time. i love them. with squirt butter. i'm addicted to squirt butter.

i eat rice cakes too. i know that sounds gross. but i PILE salsa on them or a little peanut butter or squirt butter ha ha. they dont really fill me up - i just eat them when i'm eating to be eating.

when i need a chocolate fix...sometimes i eat chocolate haha but other times i drink diet hot chocolate - its 25 calories. it helps when i need a fix. or a fudge bar. they are always good.

i eat a ton of fruit & veggies. keep an apple in your purse :) they are full of fiber which totally makes you feel full. i love oranges too. blueberries are good frozen! you can eat a cup of them for next to nothing calorie wise and they are SO good for you!

(If only we could all be so disciplined, right? Oh, but wait, what's that? We can? All I have to do is say no to bad and yes to good? Oh, yeah, that's right, I forgot. It's that easy.)



Sally Baker said...

Peeting! Love the new background, and thanks for sharing Kaci's skinny tips!

Theresa Garcia said...

hehehe. "Skinny Bitch herself"...t