February 27, 2009

Calling all Dr. Phil's

I wake up this morning with the thoughts: 'Where am I? What happened last night? Oh my gosh. I'm stressed about something, what is it again? What day is it today?' Not sure why I wake up like that because there was only one 12 ounce beer consumed the night before. Pretty normal evening, actually. Mark came over, we had dessert (WW chocolate chip cookie a la mode = delish), watched TV; just spent a very relaxing hour or two together. Quite enjoyable. We both feel like we have been busy, busy, busy bees lately. And I've got (family) stress up to my eyeballs. That can really wear a girl out!! I'm going to visit my brother and sister-in-law tomorrow in Athens, though, so hopefully some stress will get relieved.

I decide that today is going to be different. I will look my best, be my best, try my hardest, do work son.

At 1:10, that mindset has been working pretty well. (Except I should be drinking water instead of a diet coke right now...but really, that's the only wrong choice made today.)

So I've had a banana and a WW Chicken Enchilada Monterrey (310 cals, 10 fat g's) so far today. That's good, right??? I think so. Better than the last few days have been, trust me.

Seriously though, I need some stress relief tips. I've been thinking that running just as fast as my short, stubby legs can take me might be a good thing. (It'd be like a twofer...stress relief and weight loss.) I'm tired of turning to food to relieve my stress. I told you that I've come to terms with the fact that I am an emotional eater. I hate that about myself, but it's true. I have GOT to change that. I need another outlet for stress besides donuts and dorritos.

So come on, all you Dr. Phil's out there...give me some advice!!!


April said...

I think this weekend will be nice to be in the ATH! Hopefully you'll get some good down time...some nice, stress free time. Taking time for yourself is the best thing I can offer...when I notice that I haven't been taking time for myself: reading, sleeping in a bit, doing something I like to do, etc....I start to loose it and get stressed, too!!!
Hope you have a great weekend! Maybe I will see you! :o)

Theresa Garcia said...

Running is what I use for stress release. A hot bath is always nice too. Hot tea with honey is nice. Prayer and time in His word are the best comforts though. :) Love you!

Tricia Carver said...

I'm with Theresa...I run. I hate running, but I feel so much better after the run. Walking has the same effect. I use it for stress relief and a way to melt away the leftover baby fat from both of the kiddos. I also decided I don't want to be a crotchedy old lady who can't move around in my old age. I'm not old yet, but I know I will be one day. And seeing as I'm not giving up my fried foods anytime soon, exercise is my only option to (hopefully) live a long life. Anytime you want to hang out with me at Lakebottom, feel free to call and destress!

PeyPey said...

Thank you ladies! I didn't make it to Athens this weekend with the tornados, flash floods, and snow (seriously, what was God thinking? I think He got confused). But I did have a fun and relaxing weekend. I think a bubble bath is still in store for sometime this week. :)

brad said...

why did you eat a banana and chicken enchilada? banana and chicken? what the deuce.

just kidding, I got it.