October 27, 2010

Redecorating My Room...

And so continues our online window shopping. Today, we're browsing Pier 1 online!

I just moved. I have quite a bare pallet that I call my bedroom and bathroom. Pretty much all white. White down comforter in desperate need of a duvet, white sheets, white pillows, white towels...you get the picture. I need color in my life. I need it bad. In my online perusing today, I was being drawn to the combo of red and teal. Red has always been one of my favorite colors, but I've never paired it with teal before.

I've found some pretty great things that I would love for my new bedroom - most of which were on clearance! One thing you need to know about Pier 1 online though is that you can't make purchases online. You can check store availability and make an online shopping list that you can then print out and take to one of their locations.

Oh, and I so totally felt like I was on that show on HGTV "Design on a dime" because when I totalled everything up, my total was $995.75! Under $1000! Now, hang on, I'm not buying this stuff, I'm just getting an idea of what I'd like to decorate with. I'll use these as a guide when I'm out shopping for decor. I'll pick up an item here and there, or maybe even make some of the stuff myself, but please know that I don't have ten hund-o's to drop at this moment. Although there are a few things out of this group that I would like to eventually purchase.

Ok, moving on....

Stuff I already have:
1. Bed with dark wood headboard and footboard
2. Dark wood dresser
3. Dark wood trunk
4. Wicker nightstand

And then a ton of white stuff.

First up, furniture. I love this red ottoman. It's simple, it'll sit at the foot of my bed, it'll inevitably be a catch all for all my crap, but I think the color's great and so is the price. The color is Cinnabar and it's $199.95.

Next up, I love this wicker chair. I think it's modern enough to jazz up the room a bit, but is still cohesive enough with the rest of the furniture. It mimics the wicker in my nightstand, too. It's the Mombosa chair and it's $99.98.

I would toss this throw pillow on the wicker chair. It's the Peacock Circles Pillow and it's $23.96.
And maybe this one too. It's the Oblong Teal Print Pillow and it's $31.96.

Next up is bedding. I think I'll stick with my all white bedding, unless I find a cute, solid or textured duvet cover. For now, I want to just jazz it up with throw pillows. I like this one. It's the Embroidered Bird Pillow and it's $34.95. Gal darn, are throw pillows expensive or what?! Funny story about throw pillows...I once worked at a home decor store in my home town. I had neither the experience or the expertise to work at a home decorating store, but they liked me I guess, so I got the job. People. There was a whole WALL of throw pillows. I'm talking like thirty feet long and 20 feet high. It had little cubbie holes that we stuffed with pillows. Little old ladies would always, ALWAYS, choose the ones in the cubbies at the very tip top of the wall. I'd have to go get the ladder and yank out the pillow they wanted, only to have to put it back up again when they said, "Oh no honey, that's the wrong color." I finally got the bright idea on a slow day to color coordinate the pillow wall, putting the less desirable colors at the very top. I got employee of the month that month. Anyway...I like this one:
And is this one right here too crazy to throw behind the bird pillow? Maybe I could do the teal pillows behind the bird pillow on the bed and throw the Circle Button Pillow ($34.95) on the wicker chair and just eliminate the teal stripe pillow? Good grief, too much pillow talk going around here. Moving on.

Window and wall coverings. I'm not crazy about this aqua shade of Silk Panel ($55.96 each). I'd like it to be a little more tealish, but I think if I don't have it too close to other teal furnishings, it'll be okay. I could always try dying them???

I'm kind of in love with these wall hangings, although looking at it now, I'm not sure if the style quite fits and is cohesive with the rest of the room. Nevertheless, the colors are spot on and I love the dreamy nature of the prints. This is the Celestial Wall Art and the set is $129.99.

I would have this clocks babies. I love it. But do ya'll think it fits? It's a little rustic and western-y and that's not really the look I was going for. Your thoughts on this Salsa Clock that retails for $74.98, please?

These right here are placemats. But i'mma put 'em on my wall. That's right, ya heard? I think they're cute and you could easily glue or attach a picture hanger to the backs of them. They're light, they're wicker, they're whimsical and they're only $3.96 each. Ok, I just realized something. If we were going to play a game of "Which of these things is not like the other one?" with this stuff, I think it would have to be the dreamy, Celestial Wall Art. Everything else I've chosen seems to be more casual and rustic, while those are just pretty modern and ethereal. Oh well. I did love the colors in them, though. What do ya'll think?

Whenever I go shopping with my BFF, Jeannie, she'll pick up something that costs an arm and a leg and then I'll say, "We could so totally make that for like five bucks," and then we (I) never do. Well, Jeannie? "I could so totally make this." I have an old wooden four-pane window without the glass that Mark and I picked up out of someone's trash about 4 years ago. It has been with me through 3 moves and still just sits. Doing nothing. Being nothing. I'm spray painting that sucker teal and stringing wire, clothespins and pictures in it. It's new day just dawned. So booyah, Jeannie. This is what it'll look like only with the panes seperated. You could easily do this with any old picture frame! This one is from Pier 1 and'll run you $22.40.

I love lamp. Enough said. (Anchorman, anyone?) This red lamp is $19.98 and I'd probably get two!

I forgot to tell ya'll that I also have a white bookcase stacked to the brim with books. I think these planters would make pretty cute bookends! Potted Artificial Wheat Grass, $8. I need some potted artificial wheat grass in my life.

These are fun. And kitschy. And teal. And I like 'em. $24.88 and $29.88.

I love the wonky shape of this here thang. I'd probably stick some eucalyptus or some other kind fake filler in it, put it on the floor next to my door, and call it a day. Organic Chocolate Glass Vase $19.98.

I think this is super cute, and it mimicks the blue bird in my blue bird pillow. Cuteness to the max. This is $10.36

I like these. $5.98-$11.18.

And finally, I like this simple rug to center everything and pull the room together. Great price on this large rug: $79.98.
Well that completes the home furnishings portion of this post. I'd love to hear ya'lls opinions!


Colleen (It means girl.) said...

Oooh. I love red and teal. And now I want to come help you put the room together. This stuff's fab!! You could totes prioritize some of it to get the look. I vote do it. Which means I'm not paying for it, natch.

Jeanie said...

Hey, I support home crafting... We just never actually DO it. If I had a finished product for every time we said "we could make that!", I'd be living on the streets because my house would be so full of crap. So, in conclusion, call me with your booyah when the project is DONE:) On a related note, how's that tomato can wine rack going... that's what I thought.