September 9, 2010

About Me: The Finale

So I gave you five biggies about me awhile back. You can find them here. And here. Oh and here. Over here. And riiiiiiiight here. While this certainly won't be an exhaustive list, I wanted to just sum things up for you. You see, the number one thing on this list would be that I never finish anything I start (unless we're talking about donuts) and well, I wanted to prove myself wrong on this one and actually finish up this whole "About PeyPey" series.

Here we go:

1. I never finish anythi...(see I told you.)
Just kidding.

2. I have been a bridesmaid nine times.
3. Me and my dad's mom share the same middle name: Bayne. She's Nell. I'm Peyton.
4. My brother Brad and I once ate MRE's (meals ready to eat) that my grandad saved from when he was in the Vietnam war. The hot sauce bottles were so darn cute.
5. Both me and Elton John are Boars on the Chinese calendar. We make friends easily. But you already knew that.
6. I have 2 brothers, one sister, eleven cousins, and I once had a great aunt named "Elvira".
7. My stripper name would be "Chi-Chi Meadowbrook". (You know, that game you play where you take the name of your first pet and the name of the street you grew up on and voila! Instant stripper name.)
8. I am a Christian. The practicing-I-have-a-daily-relationship-with-Jesus type. But I'm not and never will be the judgmental or legalistic type.
9. I play the piano. I sing. I know one beat on the drums and all the major guitar chords. I'm not sure where this musical talent came from because my mom has none and the extent of my dad's is the ability to play House of the Rising Sun on a guitar laying flat on his lap, strumming each chord only once.    
10. Laundry is my favorite smell ever. Well, except for fresh, hot donuts.
11. Excuse me, CLEAN laundry is my favorite smell ever. Dirty laundry smells pretty rank.
12. My favorite phrase used to be "Catch ya on the flipside!" It's making a comeback into my vocabulary. I'm not sure I like this but feel as if there's no way to stop it.
13. I never, I mean NEVER understood the Dewey Decimal System. If someone could explain this to me, I'd be much obliged.
14. I wasn't allowed to watch Captain Planet as a child because my mom said it was "new-age". Now, my mom yells at me when I throw a Diet Coke can in the trash instead of the recycling bin. She is also now a Democrat. And a Methodist.
15. It's important to mention here that I grew up in a staunchly Republican, Southern Baptist home. I'll have to get my mother to explain this one because I simply cannot.
16. When I first discovered the concept of shaving, I didn't start with my legs like most normal girls did. I started with my fingers and toes.
17. I didn't have my first kiss until I was 21.
18. I used to wear shorts with stockings before it was cool to wear shorts with stockings.
19. I never figured out how to jump rope the double dutch way. It physically, mechanically, and logistically makes no sense to me.
20. My favorite flavor is donuts. (Okay, okay. I like orange flavored things. But I'd choose a donut popsicle if there was such a thing.) My favorite color is pink. My favorite day is Friday. My favorite month is July. My favorite season is Spring. My favorite holiday is July 4th. But that's all subject to change in the next 30 seconds.

Good grief. I'm spent. Ya'll have a good Thursday.


April said...

love this list! Have you been to Ike and Jane's in Athens? You'll have to get Brad and Sally to take you next time you're in town...they have gourmet flavors of donuts...and they are awesome!!!

gina said...

Ok, so do you still shave your fingers and toes?
Also, i will have to send you a private message to tell you what my stripper name would be. It's horrid.

PeyPey said...

No, no more shaving of the digits. I'm too lazy. Plus, that's just wierd, right? RIGHT? I need to know your stripper name. NOW!!

PeyPey said...

April - um, gourmet donuts? Such a thing exists? Why did I not know about this before? Great, I'm a goner.