July 19, 2010

The story of The Mixer

Katie is Peyton's friend.
Katie lives in Washington state.
Katie is married to Theo.
They have a daughter.
Her name is Bronwen.
Peyton has not seen Katie in four years.
They met for coffee this past Saturday.
Katie said, "I have something for you out in the car."
Katie is very crafty and enjoys making homemade things.
Peyton was expecting a homemade gift of sorts from Katie.
Perhaps Katie knit Peyton a scarf.
Or maybe Katie made Peyton some homemade pepper jelly.
Peyton was excited about her potential homemade gift from Katie.
They got out to Katie's car.
Katie handed Peyton a small gift bag.
Peyton pulled out its contents.
Peyton pulled out a giftcard for Bed, Bath, and Beyond.
Peyton thought this was random but was excited nonetheless.
Peyton started to say thank you.
"Thank you, Katie".
Peyton flipped the giftcard over.
The amount of $300 was written on the card.
Peyton's mouth dropped.
Peyton was speechless.
Peyton thought this was a mistake.
"Katie, is this a mistake?"
Katie was smiling.
"It's no mistake, Peyton. I really want you to have a Kitchenaide Stand Mixer."
Peyton was still speechless.
Peyton started to tear up.
"Are you freaking serious, Katie?"
"Yes! Go get one!"
"I can't believe this!"
Peyton hugs Katie.
Peyton hugs Katie again.
Another hug.
Last hug.
Peyton is ecstatic.
Peyton says thank you.
Peyton knows that 'thank you' is not adequate.
Katie and Peyton say goodbye.
Peyton floats to her car.
Peyton's car is set to auto-pilot.
Peyton's car heads to Bed, Bath, and Beyond.
By the time Peyton steps foot into the store, she has already called ten people and told them the story of the Kitchenaide Stand Mixer.
Peyton debates between boring stainless steel and vibrant, sassy empire red.
Peyton's sister-in-law convinces her that she is vibrant and sassy and that this needs to reflect in her choice of Kitchenaide Stand Mixers.
Peyton checks out with the empire red in hand.
Peyton puts the empire red Kitchenaide Stand Mixer in her car.
Peyton drives home.
Peyton sets up the empire red Kitchenaide Stand Mixer on her kitchen counter.
Besides the diamonds from Mark and her some of her grandmother's jewelry, Peyton decides it is her most prized possession.
Peyton calls Katie five times to say thank you five times more.
Peyton and her empire red Kitchenaide Stand Mixer live happily ever after.


kat-tastic! said...


Sarah said...

That is awesome! How sweet of Katie to do that for you! You are gonna love using the stand mixer. I know mine is one of my favorite kitchen appliances.

Bethany K said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! This is amazing! I know exactly how you feel. I pretty much cried the birthday that my mom and dad gave me mine. I'm sure tons of good sweets and stories will come out of it!