June 26, 2010

Just An Update

We interrupt the regularly scheduled wedding festivities for the following annoucements:

1. It apparently is Mark's greatest ambition in life to wake me up. The last two days I have had the chance to sleep in until about 9am, yet Mark has awakened me before 7am each day by phone calls. This is not okay.
2. I was made to get a french manicure yesterday. Only on my toes. All us bridesmaids had to get matching pedicures and the concensus (my vote didn't count, I guess) was french pedicures. I can't tell you how strange it is to look down at my toes and see bright white tips on my toenails where the familiar crusty, grimy tips of my toenails should be. The look is also deliciously trashy. (Snack on THAT hyberbole for a minute, will ya?)
3. I'm a dancing fool. And my feet hurt.
4. I kind of went on a dress buying spree yesterday. Ross, I heart you. I bought 5 dresses from there yesterday and none of them cost a dime over $12.99! And they're all super cute!
5. I went to Dunkin Donuts this morning. It's like my car was on auto pilot, I swear. I had no intentions of going there, I promise! I won't tell you what had already gone missing before I even pulled out of the DD parking lot.
6. Okay, okay. One glazed donut. Please don't judge me.
7. Kids love me. They flock to me. I can't figure out why. I want one.
8. You know how I sing the praises of my mandolin all the time? One of the kitchen utensils I can't live without? Well, it betrayed me the other night. And my thumb really hurts super bad and I'm all out of bandaids. Someone bring me one please?
9. My favorite holiday is coming up. For me, July 4 beats out Christmas. Don't know why. I just love it. What's your favorite July 4 activitiy? Mine is fireworks. I can't get enough.
10. And okay, okay. The ribs. I love the sticky ribs.
11. Ms. Domestic USA update: I made my own homemade spaghetti sauce last week. Holy cow, guys. Deeeeeeeelish. If you'd like to join my campaign, please contact my campaign manager, Martha Stewart. (I know! Can you believe she accepted the position?!? Apparently, she's not too busy these days for some reason.)
12. Mark just bought a new laptop. I want one too. And I need one. Desperately. This thing has about zero storage space left and is as slow as a turtle. Seriously, have you ever watched a turtle trying to get somewhere? It's so frustrating. Yep, that's my laptop.

Ok, I think that's just about it. I think you're pretty well updated on the last 24 hours of my life.

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.

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