December 31, 2009


2009 has been kind of a big year for me.

Well, I guess I could say that about every year of my life, honestly. Each year, things happen that I am never expecting to happen, good and, well, kinda sucky things.

Like the year I turned 15: a nest of baby spiders were hatched on (and in!) my ankle. (Hmm. I may need to expand on that story. Another time, another post.)

Or perhaps the year I turned 21: I got my first kiss with a great guy named Jared. (He had pierced nipples and a mustard yellow colored suit. I guess that could count as a good thing as well as a sucky thing. You be the judge.)

Or maybe 2008 when (Okay, I know you're still thinking about those pierced nipples, perhaps in disbelief. Again, another time, another post, okay?) Ahhem. Yes, in 2008, my brother got married and I gained a wonderful big sister. ("Not loosing a broder, gainging a skeester." That's what I wrote in their guestbook the night of the wedding. Hey! Don't blame me! Helloooo! Open bar!!!)

And OH! 2005! I was 22. I was ready to forget about Mr. Pierced Nipples. Enter Mark. Can't believe it's been four years since that night in Auburn. That is definitely a good thing.

I would definitely say that 1993 & 1994 were great years because they brought me my favorite Alex & Molly in this whole, wide world. I never thought I would be a big sister to anyone (and was honestly a bit resentful knowing that I would not be the baby anymore) but I wouldn't trade those two for a mansion full of gold I could swim in, like Scrooge McDuck. (But how!? HOW?!? Did he swim through gold?!? Something that has perplexed me for about 20 years now. And Launchpad McQuack? One day, I will have a pet duck and name him this.)

2001 brought me a high school diploma, my first car, my first taste of real freedom, and a love of the open road (by open road I mean Highway 280: the road to Auburn, my best friend, and cute college frat boys.)

2004 brought me my first (absolutely fun, with an aftertaste of vomit) drunk experience in which I ended up, butt naked, in a tub with only about a quarter inch of water in it, blacked out.

2007 brought me my first diamonds (from Mark!) and a brief, yet extremely sucky, break up (from Mark!) and the demise of my college career: finance 101 (this one I lathered, rinsed, and repeated in 2008. You guessed it. Finance was equally sucky in 2008.)

No matter how sucky or how fantastic my years have been, they seem to be flying by at breakneck speed (in a plane piloted by Launchpad McQuack) and I can't figure out how to slow them down.

This year brought me a college diploma, a big girl job with a big girl salary (in the world of finance, imagine that!), lots of other really super not fun sucky responsibilities, a new found love of wine, the ability to bake fresh, delicious bread, a blog!, a set of new tires, 15 pounds (suck, suck, sucky to the max!) a few really endearing times with my best friends, a few new spiritual applications my forgiving, graceful heavenly father decided to impart to me, and excitement of what 2010 will bring me (parachuted from the plane driven by Launchpad McQuack)!

Happy New Year everyone!


LouLa Leigh said...

I love your blog! When I need a good laugh I always turn to you and your witty writing. I love your honesty and zest for life no matter the situations you seem to find yourself in! Hope you have an awesome 2010!

PeyPey said...

Thanks for the great feedback, LouLa Leigh!

Anonymous said...

readin this post from you (same new reader from fanny pack) kinda filled in some blanks for me. you ever get that felling when you see someone you knew a while ago and wondered whats been up? ---->me. anyway, i always known you to be a kind girl but jus from reading your blog im gonna bet your an awesome friend to have in that circle. you know that one everyone has that im not in.... that one. so even though im just catching up w/ your blog ima wish you a great MASSIVE(lol) 2010 and beyond...