November 24, 2009

Reduce the Genoas!

You readers (all 4 of you) may start getting tired of hearing about the hilarities of my work life. But sorry. I'm not going to stop writing about them. They are endless; they really are. Just when I think things are getting normal...Larry goes and whistles "I'm a Slave For You". Or better yet, tries to teach me how to put a bankers box together.

So I am minding my own business, right? Reading blogs, facebooking, really working hard. Then I hear the squeek of Larry's chair (the telltale sign that he's spying) and I quickly have to click click click back to something that resembles work. He sooooo cramps my style. Anyway, so he says, "Hey....(it always takes him about 7.3 seconds to remember my name)...Peyton. Want to get some experience that may come in handy in the future?" Of course to myself I'm saying "Nope. I'm okay. Thanks though." Instead, I begrudgingly say, "Sure." So I walk over to his cubicle and he's got bankers boxes out. "I'm gonna teach you how to put boxes together." To which I reply, "Ummm. I know how to put a box together." (No, it wasn't smart-alecky, I promise. I was just stating the truth.) Larry looked so crestfallen. So I offered to put the lids together. (A task I performed with great strength and speed...while Larry consistently put each of the boxes together wrong and then had to go back and fix them.) I really really really would like to bring in a copy of my hard earned bachelor degree and tape it to his computer monitor. "Hey look, Larry. I have a college degree and you don't. I passed Quantitative Analysis (ok, yes, with the lowest-possible-still-passing grade), all kinds of business classes, Accounting 1-3, Finance 1-3, and ok, ok, Walking. (Yes, walking. Don't hate. It was the easiest A I ever made.) You don't even know the difference between your and you're, or their, there, and they're. So booya. I'll let you keep putting boxes together while I work on becoming your boss. How ya like dem apples?"

In other unrelated news, where do "they" come up with the security words you have to type in sometimes on websites? You know, like if you're posting a website on facebook and it'll prompt you to type in some weird words to make sure everything's legit? Today, I was posting my blog as a link on facebook and said prompt asked me to type in "reduce the genoas". What in the world? Isn't genoa some kind of lunch meat of the salami persuasion? Or maybe it's ham. Nevertheless, typing this in made me start giggling. I felt kind of like a crusader. "REDUCE THE GENOAS!" "TOO MANY (or much? I'm not sure) GENOAS!" Picture a crowd of people in full picket formation raising signs with the little wooden posts up and down in the air chanting "REDUCE THE GENOAS!" I don't know. Is that funny to you? And where do these words and combinations of words come from? Along with my What's Larry Whistling Today list, I'm going to keep a list of these security word thingies.

Anyway, hope your Tuesday has been more productive than mine.

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