September 7, 2010

Knock, knock! Who's There? IT'S PEYPEY!!!

It's happened again. The last time it happened it was bad. Pitiful. Excrutiating. Unpleasant. And it's happened again. Only this time, it's worse. Only this time, I'm having to search way deep into the inner crevices of my soul to find a cure. Only this time, it's not just singular; no, it's coupled with something much, much worse.

This time, it's not just blog block, it's laziness too.

I read a blog post about how to write blog posts not long ago and the number one thing on the list was to not apologize for not writing for awhile. The number two thing on the list was to post frequently and by frequently the author meant at least once a day. (Well, ha! I showed them, huh?!)

But I'm not going to listen to that author's advice. I'm here to tell you I'm sorry for not posting in over a month. Several of you readers (ok, let me just be realistic and tell you that "several" should actually say "2, two, TWO" - which, by it's very definition, cannot not be described as "several" but I'm going to say "several" anyway because that makes me feel missed, loved and needed) have emailed, texted, and facebooked to tell me that I needed to blog and that you missed reading what I had to say. Thank you readers. Thank you for missing me. You have no idea how good this makes me feel. Warm fuzzies? I gots dem.

While my blog block and laziness is not exactly cured, I will write today. I will write and tell you what I've been up to.

Let's begin with a list. Lists are the heartbeat of PeyPey's soul.
1. Um, hello, blog redesign! What do you think? Here's what I like: I love the colors and the rays coming off the side of the column. I am a sun. I shine. I beam. I wanted this to reflect on my blog so that's why I chose this background. To me, it's pretty PeyPeyish. There's lots of new features, so just clickity click clack around. (You've probably already done that, though, huh? Seeing as how it's been a month and all since the redesign.)
2. I am the Asst. Editor for the Junior League's League Life, a monthly 30-40 page publication that goes out to all of our 700+ members. What's time consuming? This is. So, needless to say, much of my very, very limited brain space that's not already being taken up by song lyrics to Rogers and Hammerstein musicals has been largely devoted to layout design and article writing for the League Life. (I'm saving the remaining space for remembering the things I am scared of. Sharks in the deep end of a pool, for example. In grown toenails, for another example.)
3. Mark just moved approximately 91.5 miles away from me to attend law school. I don't know if this is really a good excuse but I'm throwing it in there anyway.
4. Work. Life. Responsibilities. What? I'm only lazy 82.936% of the time. I do actually have a job, ya know? And bills to pay, okay? I can't just be at your blogging beck and call all the time, geesh. (Oh wait, isn't this supposed to be an apologetic post?)

Okay, that covers pretty much everything, right? So can I just beg your forgiveness and promise to do better? Things'll get back to normal around here pretty soon, I promise. I'll be back to my PeyPey ways soon enough, you bet your bottom dollar!

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Colleen The Bomb Diggity Smackdown said...

1. I love the list!
2. Why are you moving?
3. The blog redesign is amazingly cool and I love it.
4. I am shunning you until we get RPs off the ground or you tell me you're over it.

That is all.