July 14, 2010


I made my first-ever purchase on ebay today. Crazy, I know, considering the wondrous world of shopping that awaits at my finger tips. I'm not sure why I've never bought anything from there before, I just haven't. But holy freakin' moley. I feel like I just conquered the world with my purchase. Allow me to explain.

My laptop charger, well, Mark's laptop charger...wait, let me go back further.

I have no pets. Unless you consider the dust bunnies living under my couches, I have no pets. A few months ago, I discovered my laptop charger cord had been frayed. Let me be specific: it looked chewed upon. This frightened me a bit because, well, I have no pets. I didn't want to think about the possibilities and just decided to put all my faith in our coveralled bug man and his handy sprayer can thingy. I should note that this was an isolated incident. No other things have turned up with gnaw marks on them.

Back to my story...

Mark had an extra universal laptop charger that he let me have. He's always doing nice things like that. Have I ever mentioned that he paid to have the transmission in my car replaced a few years ago? Yeah, he loves me. Oh, wait! Hang on a second! I paid him back for that in full! All eighteen hundred dollars of it! Ehhh, oh well. He still loves me though.

Back to my story...

I've enjoyed Mark's charger for the last few months, until the other night. WHEN IT BLEW OUT OF MY WALL. My roommate and I were just sitting there, watching Harry Potter and giving each other tickly backscratches when something that sounded like a gunshot went off and a blast of red light was emitted from the wall socket to my right where the laptop charger was plugged. I took off running. I seriously thought someone was shooting at us. Catherine, laughing, said, "get-HAHA-back in-BAAAAHAHA-here, you-HEEEHEEEHAHAHAHA-idiot". She wouldn't stop laughing at me. It cut me deep.

Catherine reached down and picked up the sizzling charger and cord, a little hot to the touch, and said, "um, this just blew out of the wall." It had landed about four feet from where it was plugged into the wall. Please note, and offer up a prayer of thanksgiving: my laptop was not attached to the cord when it blew out of the wall. Noted? Good.

Being at home for the last three nights with no connection to my beloved internet has caused me to not do the following:
1. Facebook.
2. Blog.
3. Look up recipes. I had to make something from an actual hardback cookbook last night. It was weird. (The experience was weird, not the pancakes. That's what I made, pancakes. Are you even still reading this post? Hello? Anyone?)
4. Read Pioneer Woman Blog.
5. Play games on http://www.mindjolt.com/.
6. Facebook.
7. Watch Netflix movies.
8. Facebook.

I don't like the feeling.

So first I complained to Mark. I thought maybe he'd have another charger lying around. I also thought maybe he'd offer to buy one for me. He did no such thing. I was on my own. I don't like the feeling. So I set out to find the best priced laptop charger I could find. I checked walmart.com, target.com, officedepot.com, and finally bestbuy.com and the cheapest one I'd found was $75. By the time I got to bestbuy.com, I was ready to throw in the towel and just buy a whole new laptop. I'm not kidding. It made sense.

But I decided to sleep on it and complain to Mark a little more. The magical words "I'll take care of that for you, PeyPey" never left Mark's lips.

I was retelling (complaining about) the whole sordid mess to my coworker, Lance, this morning and his reply was simply, "why don't you check ebay?"

So I had him walk me through the process of starting an account on both ebay and paypal. We got through that part and I simply typed "laptop charger" in the search bar and...holy freakin' moley, people.

I conquered the world. I conquered the world with my $13.99, no shipping cost, 99% good seller feedback, ships from the U.S. purchase of a universal laptop charger. I really did feel like I was cheating in some way. I felt like I just discovered this secret realm or something. It was quite a splendid feeling.

A whole new world
A dazzling place I never knew
Unbelievable sights

Indescribable feeling
Soaring, tumbling, freewheeling
Through the endless ebay site!

I'll see you in 437 years, after I've seen all ebay has to show me!

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