July 3, 2010

My Inner Sanctum

What I am about to show you is considered one of the most personal things about a girl. Now men (if there are any of you), before you go clicking away without reading, I'll make the disclaimer that what I'm about to show you is not a body part, nor is it any type of monthly material us gals have to purchase for necessary reasons. Ok, this post is quickly going downhill. Let me fix that.

What I am about to show you is considered one of the most personal things about a girl. It is her purse. More specifically, it is the contents of her purse. It's pretty personal what we keep stuffed in the depths of our satchels. But today, I wanted to show you my purse and its contents in hopes that you will get to know me a bit better. And I promise it'll give you a few laughs.

Here's the purse:

It's a smooth, magenta leather (ok, it's probably pleather). It has the perfect amount of pockets and the strap is the perfect length. Although it matches only about 1/78th of my wardrobe, I wear it with anything and everything. People probably think I'm color blind, but I don't care. I got this purse on clearance at TJMaxx for ten bucks about a year ago and it's held up quite nicely.

Ok, so let's move on to its contents. I hope you won't judge me after seeing these pictures. I haven't cleaned out my purse in a good two plus months so I knew the findings would be a veritable treasure trove. I'll show you the group shot first and then zero in on a few things.

Just take a good look at everything. Sorry, I know the pics are fuzzy. Ok, let's zero in on a few specific items.

There's my Twilight Eclipse ticket from the other night. I'll be honest, the movie was just okay. I tried to read the first book but got so incredibly bored that I never finished. And I'm going to risk losing some readers here I'm sure, but ummm, Taylor Lautner, ladies? Yeah, NOT HOT. His face is weird to me. And I can never get past looking at his scwunched up face to check out the 24 pack that resides on his torso. Anyway, moving on.

Those right there are 40 watt decorative bulbs. Please don't ask me how long I've been carrying them around. I wouldn't be able to answer that question. Oh, and notice the silver and red thing next to the lightbulbs? That's a can opener. Just in case, you know?

Here's a wad of papers and napkins with some weird purple stuff on them.

Oh, and I can never be without PeyPey's Picante! This was leftover from my lunch a few weeks ago. Please don't judge me.

And finally, probably my favorite item that I pulled out of my magenta satchel was this:

That's right, it's RapidRise Yeast. Please, please, please, I beg you, please don't ask me why this was in there, how long it's been in there, where it came from, why it was in there, how old it is, why it was in there. BECAUSE I DON'T KNOW! I honestly have no recollection of stuffing that in my purse.

Among all of that stuff there was also a few batteries, a koozie from a wedding, three lipsticks, a tylenol bottle with one pill in it, a box of neon bandaids, some Pepto Bismal, and an iPod shuffle.

My life feels more free now that my purse is cleaned out. I have room to breathe. And I'm glad I shared this with you all, too. I definitely feel better about myself.

Thanks for stopping by!


the Provident Woman said...

I don't even want to know what is in the bottom of my purse.

Bethany K said...

So funny. I. cried. Best post ever.

Petit Elefant said...

I worship that purse. And seriously, thanks for the HONEST photos.