April 10, 2010

Market Days

Spring is here, is it not?! Overnight, the leaves on the trees turned neon. My car, which used to be blue, is now yellow. I can wear flip-flops and my toes don't turn into icicles. And even as I sit here this morning, I'm hearing all the sounds of Spring. Like, literally, there's a damn bird perched outside my window and is relentlessly trying to get its point across to its fellow feathered friends. The yard man's here and I'm pretty sure he's trying to mow the bricks up the side of my house, it's that freaking loud. But that's okay. I don't mind, because I can look out the window, see nothing but green grass and blue sky and that just lifts my spirits.

Another thing I'm getting super excited about is Market Days on Broadway! It starts up May 15! I started selling PeyPey's Picante last year at Market Days and received quite a following. There is such a camaraderie with the other vendors, trading my goods for theirs, never exchanging a dime. I'll give you a jar of PeyPey's for that apple pie right there. Or, I'll give you two jars of PeyPey's for two baskets of blueberries. The cool of a Saturday morning, the friendliness of patrons, the deliciousness of freshly grown produce and freshly baked goods. These are the things that I love most about Market Days.

Kyle's Red Root Farm has some of the best tomatos around. And Kyle's t-shirts are really cool too! If you mosey up to Kyle's stand, expect to see him wearing a cowboy hat and playing some Allman Bros on his guitar. Buy some tomatos from him and he just may throw in a free onion.

Come sample the street fare and then rent a bike from Ride On Bikes for $10 and ride all day. Don't be surprised to find the owner's lazy dog sleeping out in the sun or coming to visit your booth for a treat.


Check out Ms. Lisa's fresh basil. Put that with the tomatos and onion you got from Kyle and go home and cook up some homemade spaghetti sauce!

You haven't tasted good until you've had some of Lindy's bread. Fresh loaves, pizzas, scones, biscuits, muffins, and hot and fresh (like, she cooks them THAT morning) chocolate croissants. Grab a scone or croissant and step over to Fountain City Coffee for a cup o' joe and enjoy your breakfast.

Got a date Saturday night? Wow her with some homegrown flowers. All varieties, all colors. They're so pretty.

This picture makes me so stinking happy. This stand is run by Our House home for kids. The leaders teach them how to grow a garden every year and then they come and pretty give away their produce to patrons. They only accept donations. And look at how gorgeous their produce is!

 The strawberries taste like strawberries! The snozberries taste like snozberries! The blueberries taste like blueberries! Mmmmm. So delicious.

And finally, pick up your jar of PeyPey's Picante, only the best salsa you'll ever put in your mouth, trust me. I routinely sold out most Saturdays and hope to do the same this year. So come get a taste!

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