March 29, 2010

Today's Top Ten: Things that Help

1. A good, strong cup of coffee
2. NPR. Whether it's news, crazy music, an old man reading a chapter of book, whatever, it soothes my soul. I think all NPR announcers have to go through a training class to learn how to speak similarly. You know, kind of nasally, almost deadpan, very matter of fact, yet still, somehow completely calming.
3. Hearing Mark - or anyone - say I'm sorry. It's not his fault; it's no ones fault. But it helps to hear that people are trying to put themselves in your shoes and feel the emotions, the sadness, and say they're sorry because they can't imagine how it really feels.
4. Doing normal things. But sometimes the most normal things are hard to do.
5. Hearing a really encouraging bible verse. It just hits the spot.
6. Thinking about Jesus as a human being. Something I was thanking God for the other day was that Jesus experienced pretty much the gamut of emotions while he was here on earth. He was sad. I'm sad a lot. He was extremely joyful. I picture Jesus being really happy about something, jumping up in the air and doing one of those sideways, leprechaun-like kicks; this makes me smile. My life is about 90% joy. Jesus got mad. He flipped tables over. I get mad and scream into a pillow. He was confused. He wanted to make sure his fate really had to be dying for the sins of the world. A lot of things - serious and superfluous things - confuse my feeble mind. The point is - He's been there. He knows. And that's so comforting. 
7. Remembering, by the second, that God's reasoning is not human reasoning; it's perfect reasoning. I ask 'why' and He says, 'because'. Hard to hear, yes, but He's got a plan, I know.
8. Helping. Doing whatever I possibly can to help.
9. Crying. Did God create the act of crying to help us cope with things of this world? I think so.
10. Knowing that I, we, have friends who will love us, support us, encourage us, pray for us - NO. MATTER. WHAT.

It's a sad day 'round these parts, but I and my family thank you for all your prayers, thoughts, encouragment.  

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