January 5, 2010

Tonight, Tonight, The World is Wide & Bright

1. Publix has officially turned me off to the ice cream aisle. Thank you, Publix, for realizing that us "Resolutioners" still have to grocery shop. Thank you, Publix, for realizing that we will still be tempted to traipse down the ice cream aisle, thinking we have the will power to say no, but knowing we will eventually give in to the chocolaty goodness of Phish food. Yes, thank you, Publix, for putting frozen beef liver on the ice cream aisle. I will no longer experience the same joy walking down that aisle as before. You're smart, Publix, real smart.

2. Between the hours of 7:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m., any given t.v. viewer has the opportunity to view America's Funniest Home Videos on THREE DIFFERENT CHANNELS. Is there no better programming out there? I mean, give us some Gilmore Girls or something! Two were from the new host and there was one throwback episode from Mr. Saget. (But are they not all throwbacks? I swear, each time I watch that show, all of the audience members are straight up out the '80's, puff sleaves, blue eye shadow, and all.) I expect better out of you tomorrow night, cable t.v.

3. The Biggest Loser Season 9 premiered tonight. I've never watched The Biggest Loser before and I don't think I'll start. No reason in particular, it just doesn't hold my attention the way, say, Conveyer Belt of Love does. One of the drill sergeants actually said, "The contestants this season are MASSIVE." Yes, they're biggies, but massive? Massive is a word I contribute to world destruction, not chubsters. I don't know; I'm just not jumping on the band wagon. Are you? (And why? TELL ME WHY? They make the contestants weigh in without their shirts (male) and in sports bras (female)! I mean, I understand they don't want any added weight on the scales, but at this point, could a 1/2 lb. shirt really make THAT much of a difference? I don't think so.)

4. Luscious on For the Love of Ray J 2 went home tonight. Sorry to spoil it for you. I know you DVR'd/TIVO'd it.

Okay, time for my nightly dose of Benadryl and 30 Rock on Netflix. Peace out haters.

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