December 1, 2009

Testing the Waters

IM conversation between Mark and I tonight:

Peyton: just saw dwight advertising the nba on a commercial. hilarious.

Mark: yeah i saw taht

Peyton: dont feel good

Mark: oh i'm sorry

Peyton: would you come take care of me?

Mark: ya

Peyton: like pull the green goopy gop out of my nose?

Mark: ohhhh wooowww

Peyton: but would you?

Mark: no

Peyton: I would do it for you

Mark: oh well

Peyton: really?

Mark: yes really, that is sick

Peyton: what about if i have your baby?

Mark: no

Peyton: that's a pretty gross process

Mark: lol im out for a few

Peyton: no, not pull the goopy gop out of my nose while i'm having your baby, but actually the birth process

Mark: bye

Peyton: no!!!! you come back here mister!

Mark: bye

Peyton: no, i would like to continue this discussion. what if i break a bone? or get cancer? or have to get my pancreas removed?

Mark: what are you asking? I will take care of you but i am not digging boogers out

Peyton: ok, just making sure

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