December 8, 2009

Just to give you a visual...

Yesterday was the judging for our departmental Christmas decorating contest. We don't know the results yet. But apparently, Billy Bob was in the Christmas spirit because he decided to take pictures of the whole shabang and post them in our shared folder. So, behold, the Winter Wonderland I've been working in for the last few weeks:

This is the display inside what I guess you'd call the foyer. Total stuffed animal/stuffed animal with clothes on/stuffed doll count so far: 5.

This is inside the door at the front desk. There are icecicles hanging from the ceiling. And, not pictured? A basket full of beannie babies. So I'm rounding here, but that brings the count up to about 15.

Again, this is inside the foyer. That's a real mantel, yes, brought in on loan from Reaves Wrecking. Does that fiber optic angel look familiar? Also, not pictured: 3 stuffed reindeer. So including the light up Santa and Mrs. Claus, that brings our count up to 20.

I applaud the fact that there is real wood in the fireplace. However, please notice the mini couch with the bear asleep on it. Priceless. Also, the plate of cookies and milk, the bowl of pinecones, and the kneeling, praying bear. (Yeah, you didn't believe me a few days ago when I said it looks like the Dollar Tree threw up in here, did you?) So, we already counted the Santa and Mrs. Clause, but add in the two bears and that scary looking doll sitting in the chair, that makes 23.

Another view of the foyer. We've already counted all this crap, but from this angle, you can get a better look at yet another scary looking doll sitting in a chair.

This is in the hall heading towards my office. Ok, remember when I said the entryway was my contribution? I'm talking about the pretty wreath, garland, and two small, potted trees. That's it. And I will take credit for this part because it is pretty. Thank you very much. Ok, does that light up snowman get included in our count? I think YES. 24.

A 1/3 built snowman. (I will give the ladies who came up with this idea props: they used an exercise ball and covered it in fake snow. Pretty creative, yes.) Ok, add that other snowman, and we have 25.

Ohh...where do I begin? I think you know the answer: the clothed, stuffed reindeer with a snowball in her hand. 26 + the fake squirrel eating the pinecones (that furry, tan blob next to the reindeer on the right) equals 27.

Did you think we could set all of this up and NOT have a light up Winnie the Santa Pooh? You thought wrong.

So if my calculations are correct, that's 27 stuffed animasl/stuffed animals with clothes on/stuffed dolls, about 12 trees, and one really tacky winter wonderland scene.

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