December 3, 2009

January through Now

I am out sick from work today. Thus, PICTURES! I figured I'd walk you all through the last year in pictures:

I will never wash this jacket ever again!

Me, my little sis, Molly, and my little brother, Alex, began 2009 in Nashville visiting my brother and his wife, Brad & Sally. And yes, this is the Jonas Brothers. We saw them while getting breakfast at The Pancake Pantry!

Whatcha gonna do when the abominable hunter comes for you?

And then in March, it snowed!!! Snow in Georgia shuts EVERYTHING down. Pictured here, the abominable Mark, about to peg me.

I am college grad, hear me ROAR!

Ok, technically this was in December of 2008 but I had to go back in the Spring to take that one other class. But what does it matter? BECAUSE I HAVE A COLLEGE DEGREE NOW!!!!!

A sunglass oreo

G-Day in Athens, Spring 2009. Brad & Sally moved to Athens in February so we went up to visit them. Pictured here, me, Molly, and Sally.

If the dead grass to the left of the cement blocks is any indication of my green thumb...

But alas! We have growth! Maters!

"This blue car looks like a pond. It even comes with algae!"

I started taking pictures for fun in late Spring. I captured this dragonfly one afternoon on my car antenna. Think I may submit it for a photo contest!

Cheap ass pedicure

Summer - Beach trip with my best friend of 20 years, Jeannie. Seaside, Florida.

Wait, who is the sofa king?

Dallas trip, late Summer with Mark. Best photo from the trip!

Just do it.

First raw oyster experience in Dallas.

Hi ho silver! Or, we put our money in, why is this thing not moving?

Crazy boys, Jake and Mark, in the stockyards. Dallas.

T Boone Pickens got nothin' on us.

Lauren & me at the Georgia-Oklahoma game in Oklahoma. Summer. (I promise I am an Auburn fan.)

What's all this white stuff on my hands? Oh no, my exzema's acting up again.

Probably the best idea I've had to date: this Fall, I started a bread making group with a bunch of random ladies where we meet once a month, drink lots of wine, and bake fresh breads. We decided recently to name our group "Drink and Bake". That's me and Chandler baking away!

Glory, glory to ole Auburn!

Finally. WEAGLE WEAGLE! WAR DAMN EAGLE! Auburn homecoming game, November.

The right side o' your head is ridikulus!

Alex's (little bro) first college football game.

The cheerleader pose never goes out of style

All the girls together for Joanna's wedding! From top left: Lori, Jeannie, Joanna, Kristin, Catherine, Cassie, me, Barbara, and Carianna!


In Athens for the Georgia-Auburn game. Our game day predictions. Brad won.

Mah mommeh sayz if i putz on da shirtz, i can haz a treat. Deal mommeh.

Jackson in his gameday shirt rooting for the Dawgs.

Peekaboo! I like to ruin pictures with my wierd faces!

We're still in November. This was after church one day. This? This picture perfectly describes Mark and I.

Why is that girl wearing a bonnet? Is her name Halfpint?

Annual girls Atlanta trip. From top left: Lori, caroler guy, Catherine, caroler girl, Joanna, Jeannie, me, Barbara, and Kristin. I love these girls. No one could ever replace them in my life.

Don't you wish your girlfriend could bake like me?

Me, doing what I do best: drinkin' and bakin'. Making Pumpkin Pecan bread for Thanksgiving.

See above.

Okay, how cute are these mini loaves and pumpkin pecan muffins iced with cream cheese icing?

Quit taking pictures and roast my dang turkey.

Thanksgiving in Athens with the fam. Brad and Sally.

That's how I roll.

My Thanksgiving artwork. :)

It's 5 a.m. and I'm shopping. I deserve a prize.

Black Friday shopping with mah seesters. Hey, it was 5:00 a.m.

And finally...

Pimps gotta get dey black friday dealz on too, ho. Dontchu be hatin!

This. Sally and Brad have been married a little over a year now, and obviously, she's fitting right in.

So that's my 2009 in pictures!


MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Looks to me like your BBBs have flesh and blood sit downs something our BBBs talk about constantly ... oh and the wine, those are prominent in our virtual bread bakes with all the babes. We dream of the day when some of us can actually sit down together!
Great to know there are more who find bread so fun as we do. Really glad you wrote to BakeMyDay.

PeyPey said...

Oh we have a blast! An issue we've dealt with lately is having to turn people away because our kitchens aren't big enough to hold all the ladies that want to be a part of our group! I'm actually working on a blog post right now, talking about past, present, and future meetings we've had. So stay tuned. And I was giddy with excitment when Bakemyday wrote back! Excited about the idea of sharing ideas and recipes with you ladies! I want to earn my BBB Badge!! :)