December 11, 2009

He will get a cheeseburger

So it's been a year and 3 days since my first blog entry on December 8, 2008. And that one wasn't really my own creativity, it was one of those snarky lists that you're supposed to repost with your answers on it and then forward it to 800 of your closest friends or else Jesus will condemn you and you won't have any luck for 17 years.

Needless to say, I feel like over the past year, I've come a long way and really shaped my writing voice into what I think will make my readers laugh (and me; because I'm pretty narcissistic and laugh, rather heartily, at my own jokes).

Speaking of readers, I really was under the impression that the only people who read my blog were the seven listed followers. But not so! I'm proud to report that I get comments via text, facebook, face to face, phone, etc. from people who say, "I just read your blog! It's hilarious!" And these people are random, I mean random people! Like Mark's boss and his wife, an old coworker of mine, one of my current coworker's wives. (That doesn't sound right. He doesn't have multiple wives. Crap. You get what I'm trying to say, though, right?) But the list goes on! It's beginning to give me (okay, that's really bothering me. Should it read, 'one of my coworker's wife'? That just doesn't sound right. Geez. Maybe I need to go back to English 101.) ANYWAY! All this praise is starting to give me a big head. It's like, 'how can I shape this story or this situation into being a good blog post that will impress my readers?' I'm serious, every person I come in contact with now is a potential character in The PeyPey Chronicles. (So watch out, you may be next!)

So I've written about my diet escapades, my really crazy family (which, trust me, I've only touched on the tip of the iceberg with that one, so stay tuned), my insane job (which I will probably end up getting fired from because of these blog posts). I have noticed, though, that recently I have been writing a lot about the people I come in contact with (strangers, thank GOD!), who, quite honestly, I do believe are not of this world and who have not one single ounce of commen sense. I seem to be a crazy people magnet. I will continue recounting these hilarious run-ins (and yes, sometimes with sarcastic embellishments) for you, as I know you will enjoy reading them.

And speaking of crazy...

Today's top headline from my hometown newspaper:

Condemned 'Stocking Strangler' Carlton Gary declines special last meal, will get a cheeseburger

Gonna be honest, in terms of a last meal, a cheeseburger wouldn't be a bad way to go. What would your last meal choice be?

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