March 17, 2009

In the words of Lil John and Ludacris: 'Peace Up, A-Town Down'

Ode to Athens

I recently spent the weekend in Athens, Gawguh.
Athens is the home of the scrappy Dawgzuh.
I do not say this to be ugly or mean.
But, come on. A dawg compared to a tiger? A tiger's more keen.
The scoreboard may not always reflect that fact.
And on that note, Dawgs fans - please, do not react.
I'm not here to talk about rivalry.
I'm here to relish the revelry.
A-Town has quite a few new claims on my affection.
A puppy, a blond, a saxophone, and a blood relation.
Jackson 'Jax' Baker is the newest Baker addition.
Not a son or daughter and certainly not the blood relation!
Jackson is the cuddly, hiccupy, playful, puppy.
Now this little fella is extremely happy.
Mom Sally and Dad Brad rescued this pup from the pound.
He could be a lab, could be a pit bull. Who knows, he could be a hound!
One thing I do know is that he fits right in with this group!
But hey, please don't go filtering through his poop.
Who knows what you may find.
A pine cone, a rock, or dirt of some kind!
Speaking of dirt, let's talk about that blond.
No, I didn't bleach my hair. And no, it's not some hot guy named Ron.
It's my dirty blond sister in law Sally!
This sister in law is more than a sister. She's a new best pal-ly!
She's thoughtful to the core and gift-giving is her game.
I'm so happy that Sally BAKER is her new name.
With this marriage, I gained more than a new sister.
I gained a new friend. (Who, I'm sure, is pretty good at playing Twister!)
Twisting his fingers across the keys of that saxophone,
was the soul brother at church, two doors down from the Brad Baker home.
Church was refreshing, to say the least.
All formalities of the church sort were completely deceased.
I raised my hands in worship for the first time in awhile.
God reminded me that He is my Father and I am his child.
He is already impressed by me, the perfect work he created.
But my assignment, as his child, is to be dedicated.
The music, the saxophone, were only enablers to my worship.
It was nice to spend that time in those believers acquaintanceship.
An acquaintance he is not. A brother, he is the best.
No one could ask for better, I'll put you to the test.
You'll find there is not one more admirable, disciplined, or sweet.
Nor one who could cook up such a BBQ treat.
Time spent with him is always fun.
And this sister loves him more than 5 trillion tons.
My time in Athens was not nearly long enough.
And I cannot wait for the next trip, sho nuff.
The time flew by too fast and here I am back home again.
Oh Athens. Athens, Athens, Athens, Athens, Athens.

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Sally Baker said...

This is awesome! A fitting tribute to an awesome weekend!!